About Us


Hannah & Friends Neighborhood

Hannah and Friends Neighborhood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located on a 40 acre residential community along Hollyhock Road, north of South Bend, Indiana. The organization provides much needed housing and program services for children and adult citizens with special needs. The organization was founded by Maura and Charlie Weis, in recognition of their daughter Hannah, who has been affected by developmental disorders.

The goals of Hannah and Friends Neighborhood are as follows:

  • Provide affordable and accessible residential and educational opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Create a fun, safe, and nurturing learning environment for children and adults to learn life skills and grow with their peers
  • Establish therapeutic and educational programs that will enrich the lives of children and adults with special needs

The organization fosters an ongoing campaign of "Awareness & Compassion" for all individuals with special needs. Individuals with special needs deserve the same respect as everyone else and it is our mission to educate others who do not understand this mindset.

For more information about Hannah & Friends, our programs, events, news and photos, please visit our website. 




Hannah & Friends Shop

Hannah & Friends Shop is a place to showcase products created by our residents and participants, as well as apparel and items to support the organization's programs. All proceeds benefit programs and activities at Hannah & Friends Neighborhood for children and adults with special needs. 

Hannah & Friends is always creating opportunities for individuals with special needs to take on pivotal roles within the planning and execution of projects. It is with this in mind that Hannah & Friends residents and program participants have undertaken the task of creating and making special gift boxes for you to share with your family and friends. Everyone involved in making these gifts has been selected for a specific responsibility in the packaging and actual creation of the gift boxes, fullfillment of apparel orders, inventory managment and much more!